What is Monitoring and Evaluation?

There is a wide range of factors that could be monitored. Review this page to learn what are the most important for your context and what a M&E Plan includes in the context of a Water Fund.

What is monitoring?

Monitoring is the act of systematically collecting information about something over time and space to characterize its state and to identify changes (see Water Funds Monitoring Primer).

Monitoring requires expertise not only in the methods for designing scientifically-robust monitoring programs, but also in the various instruments, techniques, and software needed to properly collect, manage, and communicate pertinent data (see A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Water Funds).

What is a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan?

A Monitoring and Evaluation Plan details the rationale, strategies, and costs for monitoring and evaluating the various projects being implemented by a Water Fund, and then links those to learning activities that will help managers to adaptively manage those projects. Several excellent Monitoring and Evaluation Plans from existing Water Funds are showcased below.

Key Guidance Documents